Our brick slips are an incredibly versatile and stylish way to transform any interior or exterior space, without the need for any major construction work. Each brick slip is truly unique and will have its own patterns and subtle change of colours throughout. We stock two different types of brick slips, both giving a slightly different look. Our crosscut brick slips have a smoother, even surface while our face cut brick slips have a textured, uneven surface that resembles a traditional brick.

These thin bricks are made by cutting the face of a real brick, essentially creating a thin brick tile. As they are lightweight, they can be used to transform any room in your home to create a rustic exposed brick wall like finish. Our brick slips will add texture and warmth to your kitchen, creating either a beautiful country or industrial-inspired look. Transform your living room with a brick slip fireplace, a stunning focal point that adds rustic charm and warmth.

Our brick slips are cost-effective, virtually maintenance free and extremely durable.