At RR Stone, we stock a wide range of natural stone cleaners, worktop sealers and sealant removers for cleaning, degreasing, removing adhesive residues and protecting stone surfaces. Our stone tiles, stone flooring and stone worktops are a vibrant and beautiful material choice for any home and can last for many years to come, but it is important to care for it with the best specialist stone cleaner to keep your home as clean and fresh as possible.

Choosing the right cleaner for natural stone products is the best way to maintain its beauty and longevity. A good maintenance routine will help you achieve a pristine look and get the most out of your natural stone aesthetically. Our natural stone cleaners are suitable for all forms of stone tiles, floors, countertops or paving and they clean without the risk of damage to the stone. The products we stock range from everyday stone countertop cleaners to acidic cleaners and alkaline cleaners.

When it comes to protecting your stone surfaces, sealant for natural stone is vital. Natural stone sealers work by penetrating the stone to offer protection from liquids such as water and oil without altering its appearance. Depending on the specific needs of your material, we have a sealant to protect surfaces made from marble, granite, limestone, syenite, quartzite, slate, wood, concrete and other surfaces requiring protection from spillage, staining, pollution and other forms of damage.

If you need to apply a fresh layer of sealant or the existing sealant has worn off, sealant remover is effective at dissolving and removing old sealant from surfaces. Using a stone sealant remover helps ensure that the new sealant adheres properly, providing optimal protection for your stone. Our sealant remover can be used on stone, concrete, plaster or wood and is specifically designed to strip away any existing sealant, making it easier to clean and prepare the surface for reapplication.