Welcome to our range of stunning slate fence panels. These sleek panels are held firmly in place by robust slotted oak supports, forming a harmonious blend of strength and elegance. You've got options with our slate fencing - choose from the deep allure of black or the understated charm of grey-green slate.

Creating your own style with these panels is a breeze. Go all-in with one colour or mix and match the two for a unique look. Plus, you can decide on the spacing - go gapless or create intriguing patterns with gaps.

Slate's versatility really shines through in our collection. It's not just about fences... we've got slate tables, benches, worktops, and planters that fit beautifully in both traditional and contemporary settings. But the real charm of slate lies in its longevity. It's sturdy, low-maintenance, and gracefully endures whatever life throws at it.

In essence, slate is nature's gift to your home. Whether indoors or outdoors, the timeless beauty of slate adds a touch of natural elegance. And the best part? It lasts. So, why not embrace the enduring charm of slate in your home today?