Stone Floor Laying Patterns

There are a huge variety of designs to choose from when it comes to stone laying patterns. They range from the very basic, such as a stack bond, to the more adventurous multi-sized tile design such as a repeatable random. A simple guide to tile laying patterns is; the greater the number of tile sizes available, the greater the number of patterns and design layouts that can be created. However, even with just a single tile size, it’s possible to create different layouts or patterns.

The most common designs include:

Random course
Stretcher bond
Repeatable random

Random course

Random course designs use different sizes of tiles laid at random. However, it is important to avoid cross-joints, which can draw the eye to a specific point in the design.


Stretcher bond

Stretcher bond is the simplest offset paving pattern and is also known as a running bond, brick bond or half bond. The joints are offset by exactly half the width of the paving tile.


Repeatable random

Repeatable random paving designs utilise multiple tile sizes placed in a motif or ‘opus’ which is repeated to create a laying pattern like this:


A          900x600mm

B          600x600mm

C          600x300mm

D         300x300mm

RR Stone stock the following sized tiles*:

300 x 300
400 x 400
600 x 300
600 x 400
600 x 600
900 x 600
900 x 900
900 x 1200
300 x free length
400 x free length
500 x free length
560 x free length
600 x free length

* Some of the stone types we sell are not available in all of these sizes

Please call to enquire about sizes available for your tile pattern and stone type if unsure.