At RR Stone we stock a wide range of grout, primer and specialised sealants for all types of applications, and they are essential for the tile installation process.

Grout is a cement-based powder used to fill gaps between tiles and can be applied to surfaces when mixed with water. It is composed of a pre-mixed powder blend of cements, aggregate, polymers and colouring pigments. We have a versatile selection of BAL and Mapei water-resistant wall and floor grout in a number of functional grout colours including white grout, grey grout, black grout and many others. They are designed to work with any tiling job so, whether you’re laying our natural stone floor tiles or wall tiles, you can be sure our tiling grout will provide a high-quality finish.

We also supply tile primer for treating gypsum surfaces prior to laying ceramic tiles with mineral or cement-based adhesives. We stock both Mapei synthetic resin primer and Kerakoll ECO acrylic primer for tiles. Using a high quality, hard-wearing primer is an important step in the tile installation process, improving the bond between your tiles and the surface on which they are placed and ensuring uniform absorption.

For showers, bathrooms and domestic kitchens, we stock specialised silicone sealants that are ideal for sealing joints for glass, ceramic and anodised aluminium or forming perfectly elastic gaskets between different elements. Silicone sealants, mastics or just sealants are used when sealing areas that need a waterproof or airproof seal. Our silicone sealant products are water, mildew and fungus resistant, meaning they are perfect for use in bathrooms and wet rooms. They are also conveniently available in colours coordinated with our Mapei grout to match your tiles and room decoration.