Bespoke Stone Worktops


Are you looking to add class and value to your home or project, by creating the perfect kitchen or an attractive yet functional bathroom?

At RR Stone, we produce the highest quality worksurfaces in our own world class workshops here in Staveley. We use the latest CNC machine technology for unbeatable consistant quality, our pricing is fair and competitive and the end results are outstanding, but first and foremost we pride ourselves on our service. We have been in the stone industry for over 25 years and our time served team of specialists, masons, and fabricators, will advise you on the most suitable worktops for your lifestyle - they will also guide you through the process, from initial ideas, measurements, through to design, manufacture, and installation.

Call in to our fabulous showroom for further information and view samples.

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Natural Slate

Natural Slate is a timeless and popular choice for kitchen and bathroom worktops. It’s probably best known for roofing and flooring, however over the years it has experienced a revival and become an increasingly popular choice for worksurfaces. Slate is a stylishly beautiful material with incredible colours, textures, and patterns. We use both local Westmorland Slate and our own Lonsdale Slate, they are not only pleasing on the eye but also an extremely hardwearing and practical choice.

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Marble & Limestone

Marble has been valued throughout history for its unique beauty, relative homogeneity, and appearance that does not change with the direction in which it lies, known as “isotropy.” Marble allows light to penetrate its surface, sometimes by several millimetres before scattering, giving marble a unique “waxy” appearance. Marble & Limestone have been used in sculpturing, construction, flooring, wall cladding and work surfaces for many centuries and it remains as desirable, relevant, and fashionable today as it ever has.

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Granite is the perfect combination of beauty and outstanding quality. We supply an impressive, range of granite colours and finishes, an ideal choice for giving your home or business a new lease of life and a product that will last the test of time. Granite worktops give the appearance of polished perfection, but it starts out its life in a very different form. It takes millions of years to form and is the end result of the cooling of magma which is created as the result of volcanic activity. This may sound confusing but comprising mostly quartz, granite also contains a material called feldspar - small quantities of mica and other minerals are also found in granite. Quartz is what gives granite its hard-wearing qualities, as well as its attractive aesthetic look. Granite is an igneous rock, mined the world over, from Cornwall to far-reaching destinations such as Italy and Brazil.

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Our Quartz Worktops are the best in terms of their appearance, strength and quality. We supply our own range of top-quality quartz called the Myriad Quartz Collection, which you can either look at online and get a quote or you can pop into our Staveley Showroom. As well as our own home brand, we also supply well-known brands of quartz worktops such as Silestone and Caesarstone. quartz is an extremely hard and durable natural silicate material used to emulate the appearance, weight and feel of natural quartz. It is blended together with polyester resins and various colourants using a vibro-compaction process. This makes these quartz worktops even stronger than quarried quartz.