The Little Greene Paint Company pride themselves in their commitment to sustainability, as their eco-friendly paint is manufactured and tinned in their UK factory. Not only is the paint kinder to the environment, but their paint tins are also designed with sustainability in mind, created from over 50% recycled steel and can be recycled once emptied. From hand-pouring their Little Greene Paint samples to creating new colours, their paint is made using only the finest natural, organic ingredients and safe synthetic pigments, giving The Little Greene Paint its outstanding depth of colour in every tin.

One of the many reasons we are proud to be product Little Greene Paint stockists is due to the unrivalled coverage it offers, but that's not all. Their water-based intelligent paint is the perfect hard-wearing, quick drying option for busy family homes. It contains zero added VOCs, making it not only kind to the environment but also holding a child-safe certification, ensuring its suitability for use in children’s rooms. Bringing both peace of mind and practicality, any marks or scribbles can be effortlessly wiped away, keeping your walls pristine.

Whether you’re in search of neutral paint colours or a shade that's set to make a statement, rest assured that Little Greene Paint has exactly what you’re looking for. If you're aiming to infuse your living space with calm and cosy neutral paint colours or seeking a shade that strikes attention, you can rely on Little Greene Paint to fulfil your eco friendly paints needs. Incorporating low VOC paints, Little Greene Paint isn't just a choice for aesthetics, it's a conscious choice that aligns with a sustainable lifestyle. So, whether you're considering a refresh for your living room with the charm of beige paint or venturing into bolder tones, The Little Greene Paint Company not only has your walls but also the environment.