Self-levelling compound, otherwise known as floor screed or self-levelling screed, is a polymer-modified screed that is essential for creating an even floor surface in preparation for upper flooring layers. Commonly used as a finishing product for a previously poured base, it is used to create a smooth and level surface which will affect the overall finish you get from the project.

When self-levelling screed is poured, it needs to be moved into place with a gauge rake and the surface tension needs to be lightly broken using a smoother. When applied the screed mix compound evenly spreads out filling any gaps, cracks, or imperfections in the floor, making it ideal for using in areas where the floor dips or needs filled.

Due to the nature of self-levelling compound, excessive amounts of water are not needed. It can be used on a variety of substrates including concrete, screed, existing tiles and timber floors and its liquid form makes it ideal for pouring around underfloor heating pipes. It’s average thickness of around 25mm makes it a very efficient thermal conductor, which is partly why it is used to encase underfloor heating pipes.

At RR Stone, we are proud stockists of a range of Mapei adhesives, sealants and chemical products for building. The self-levelling compound and floor screed manufactured by Mapei are a leading range of products in the industry, specifically developed to meet your construction and building needs, suitable for both industrial use and home projects.

Mapei Ultraplan Renovation Screed is a fibre reinforced self-levelling compound for use in the refurbishment of new and existing floors. Used for interior levelling, smoothing and infilling differences in thickness from 2 to 30mm on new or existing concrete, screeds, stone, terrazzo, ceramic tiles, timber floors and floorboards, Mapei Ultraplan Renovation Screed is extremely versatile and can be used for many purposes.