Tile adhesive is a high strength ‘glue’ used to securely bond tiles to a surface. Tile adhesive, or tiling adhesive, can be used for a variety of tiling tasks, including interior wall and floor application as well as a number of exterior tiling projects. It is popular in the construction world for its affordability, ease of use, fast application and high-quality results.

Laying tiles with tile adhesive is easy because it has astounding adhesion properties, ensuring that the tiles don’t slip, chip or break by keeping their bonds with the surface super tight. Most tile adhesives come as a powder that you need to mix with water to create the perfect thickness of adhesive, following the instructions provided by the product manufacturer. Usually available in white or grey and compatible for use with ceramic, porcelain and other natural stone materials such as limestone and slate, tiling adhesives can not only be selected to best suit the colour aesthetic of your room but are also an incredibly versatile adhesive in terms of tile material.

At RR Stone we supply quality adhesive for tiles and flexible tile adhesive (ideal for wooden floors and partition walls), suitable for use both indoors and outdoors as well as in wet areas such as bathrooms and showers. Our Mapei Keraquick C2FT SI Rapid Set Adhesive, Mapei Rapid Set Adhesive and Mapei Super Flexible Adhesive products are suitable for use with underfloor heating in kitchen and bathrooms. They are all waterproof, frost proof and crack resistant, meaning they are suitable for flooring tiles in areas that experience large amounts of traffic and require little maintenance. When choosing the right tile adhesive, there are many things to consider including what surface or substrate you are tiling over, what type of tile you have, the size of the tile and the location of the area you are tiling. If you are unsure which of our tiling adhesives is best for your tiling project, it’s always best to get in touch with our knowledgeable staff at RR Stone who are on hand to answer your questions and provide useful advice.