Mapei Ultracolor Plus Flexible Grout 5KG

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Mapei Ultracolor Plus is a high-performance, anti-efflorescence, quick setting and drying polymer. It is a modified mortart with water-repellent DropEffect and mould resistant BioBlock technology. Ideal for grouting joints from 2 to 20mm wide.

When mixed with water and with correct application, Mapei UltraColor Plus 130 forms a grouting mortar with the following characteristics:

Fast setting and drying, high performance, anti-efflorescence grout, polymer modified, for joints from 2 to 20 mm. Water-repellent with DropEffect® and antimold with BioBlock® technology.

  • Water repellent and drop-effect.
  • Uniform colour and free of staining since Ultracolor Plus does not produce efflorescence.
  • Colour resistant to ultra-violet rays and atmospheric agents.
  • Short waiting time before cleaning and easy finishing.
  • Ready for light foot traffic and use after a short period of time.
  • Smooth, compact finished surface with low water absorbency for cleaning.
  • Shrinkage compensated, therefore free from cracks.
  • Optimum resistance to abrasion, compression and flexural strength, even after freeze/thaw cycles and therefore optimum durability.
  • Good resistance to acids with PH greater than 3.