Mapei Keraquick C2FT S1 Rapid Set Adhesive 20kg

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Mapei Keraquick is an ultrarapid-setting, flexible cement based powder adhesive for stone, ceramic, porcelain, glass tiles, mosaics and non-moisture sensitive natural stone tiles. Thicknesses of adhesive up to 7 mm.

Firstly, Keraquick is ideal for bonding to cement-based and calcium sulphate based screeds, concrete, plywood overlay, plasterboard etc. Also suitable for both interior and exterior use. Furthermore, suitable for the installation of ceramic and porcelain tiles and mosaics. Moreover, applicable to natural stone and not sensitive to moisture. Suitable for the installation of glass tiles and mosaics. For the installation of insulation materials like expanded and extruded polystyrene panels, gypsum board, concrete blocks etc.


Walls 2 – 3 kg per square meter
Floors 3.5 – 5 kg per square metre