Lonsdale Multi-Colour Slate Paving

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Explore the captivating blend of earthy hues, from warm reds and browns to cool blues and greens with Lonsdale Multi Colour Slate. This exquisite natural stone, whether enhancing your floors, walls, or countertops, brings a timeless elegance to every corner of your space.

Versatile for both indoor and outdoor settings, Lonsdale Multi Colour Slate allows you to craft a modern patio with a single size or a more relaxed atmosphere by mixing sizes. Durable and weather-resistant, it's the perfect choice for elevating your surroundings.


Surface Finish – Naturally Riven

Edge Finish – Sawn

Sizes available:

  • 600x300x20mm 
  • 600x450x20mm
  • 600x600x20mm
  • 600x900x20mm