Westmorland Green Reclaimed Roofing Slates

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Unmatched Elegance, Sustainable Legacy

Crafted from nature’s handiwork, our Reclaimed Westmorland Green Roofing Slate embodies a story of tradition, durability, and environmental consciousness. Mined from the heart of the Lake District, each slate piece carries the natural hues of green and grey, hewn by centuries of geological evolution.

Quality Beyond Compare

Our commitment to preserving architectural heritage led us to source and reclaim these exceptional slates. Each piece has been meticulously hand-sorted to ensure quality, an elegant roofscape for your projects.

Choosing Reclaimed Westmorland Green Roofing Slate isn’t just an aesthetic choice; it’s an eco-conscious decision. By opting for reclaimed slate, you contribute to reducing environmental impact by giving new life to materials that have stood the test of time.

Here at RR Stone, we always try to stock good quality reclaimed Westmorland Green roofing slates. Generally, they are in diminishing courses. It's our local material and good for up to 300 years of life. Laid well it's the most attractive slate roofs with variegated tones, texture, thickness and diminishing courses, it really is the Rolls Royce of roofing!

Due to the nature of these products, the prices can vary from batch to batch, so please call to enquire. Prices are generally collected from Staveley, Cumbria. For national shipping quotes please call us to discuss.

We pride ourselves in offering only the best quality reclaimed slate roofing materials, as and when they become available, so you can rest assured the quality will be good.

We're always looking for reclaimed roofing materials, so if you have any reclaimed Burlington or Westmorland Green roofing slates, please do get in touch as we'd be interested in buying it.

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