Reclaimed Slate Flagstones

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Welcome to the beauty of the Lake District captured in stone – our reclaimed natural slate flags. Each flagstone tells a story, carrying the essence of centuries past, quarried from the rich, storied lands of the Lake District.

Crafted by time and nature's hand, our slate flags offer more than just a durable surface; they offer a piece of history. Honoring the legacy of this UNESCO World Heritage Site, these flags are salvaged, restored, and transformed into unique pieces, each bearing the mark of its heritage.

Embrace the character and uniqueness of the Lake District with our reclaimed slate flags, each displaying the weathered textures and distinct hues shaped by the region’s rugged landscapes. From the earthy tones of honed greys to the rich, deep blues, every flagstone whispers tales of the land's history.

Whether adorning a rustic cottage garden path or adding an authentic touch to modern architectural designs, our slate flags lend a timeless elegance and a touch of heritage to any space they grace.

With an unwavering commitment to sustainability, our process ensures these reclaimed stones are given new life, preserving the environment while celebrating the natural beauty of the Lake District.

Carefully recovered Reclaimed Slate Flagstones, available for sale by the square metre these flags offer a timeless look.