In 1993, Ted Todd Flooring began restoring wood floors, it wasn’t long before they used their knowledge and started to create sustainable new wooden floors. The essence of Ted Todd Flooring’s identity remained steadfast as they swiftly evolved, becoming one of the first companies in Europe to secure FSC certification.

Ted Todd's unrivalled classic wooden flooring is designed for lifelong endurance. Opting for their durable, robust and practical flooring proves economical and exceptionally eco-friendly. If you're on the hunt for wooden kitchen flooring that blends practicality with durability, Ted Todd Flooring offers the ideal solution. Areas of your home that experience high foot traffic tend to accumulate dirt and are much more susceptible to scratches or light damage. Ted Todd Flooring can be easily lightly sanded and maintained, alongside our selection of Ted Todd wooden floor cleaners, which will help keep your floor looking pristine.

Choosing classic solid wooden floors can often be much more cost effective in the long run, compared to purchasing vinyl flooring or carpets. This is partly because they often need more frequent replacement due to regular wear and tear. While the trendiness of certain colours and patterns in vinyl flooring might shift with changing trends, wooden flooring remains a timeless option that offers greater durability, particularly in a busy household. At RR Stone, the process of installing your new wood floor is streamlined, as we work with authorised installers to ensure exceptional outcomes for your new Ted Todd Flooring.