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Paperback, this 15mm pattern system really comes into its own when you not only use the planks, herringbone or chevron on their own, but when you combine them together using our unique pattern system. All of the formats have been designed to combine, so you can design patterns using 3 formats and 10 tones. UV oil adds a warm tone and that all-important durability for long-lasting, easy to maintain flooring.

Brimming with character, Warehouse combines wide planks and a hand-worked, undulating surface for a modern yet authentic take on hardwood flooring. Crafted with slow grown European oak and harvested with FSC® certification, it’s easy to maintain yet strikingly beautiful. 3 layer 15mm – 4 mm hardwood wear layer bonded to a block board core. Weight: 7.5kg/m²

How To Clean Your Ted Todd Floor


It is advisable that you apply Floor Care Intensive Maintenance Polish (Matt or Gloss) as you start to use your new floor.

Maintained by cleaning/removing dirt from the floor and by protecting the hardened top coat. Regularly clean with Floor Care Easy Clean. Furthermore, protect with Floor Care Polish.

For rejuvenating a floor with a hardened top coat (UV Oil, Lacquer, Oilwood Traffic). Remove the old polish with Floor Care Polish Remover and apply 2 coats of Floor Care Intensive Maintenance Polish (Matt or Gloss) with a cotton applicator. The application method requires that you wet all of the floor, applying evenly. For the best result buff the floor with a soft cloth once the polish has dried (about 30 minutes).


Weight  60 kg



 Light Tones


 Hardened Oil



As one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of hardwood flooring, Ted Todd ensure exacting standards in durability, performance and beauty of our products. When installed correctly, in accordance with guidelines, via one of the retail partners, our confidence in our products and services is reflected in our 20 year guarantee across our product range.