Avondale Tumbled Limestone Random Flags

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Country living at its best. Golden caramel tones, a soft patina, impressive sizes and an aged surface make for a sophisticated floor.

Avondale Tumbled Limestone is country living at its best. With Golden caramel tones, a soft patina and impressive sizes, this makes for a sophisticated floor.

Limestone is a beautiful, naturally warm stone that is available in a variety of colours depending on the region or country in which it was formed. Its colour can range from soft whites and creams through to jet black. There are also a number of finishes available.


Sizes available: 500xRandomx8mm

Surface finish: Tumbled.

Edge Finish: Tumbled.

Suitability: Internal walls and floors.

Underfloor heating: Yes.

Requires sealing: Yes.

Please note: Other sizes & finishes are often available if required please contact us to discuss further.