RR Stone Sealant Remover

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RR Stone Sealant Remover

Our Sealant Remover is best used for removing Sealants and many paints. Only to be used on stone, concrete, plaster or wood and it fine to be used on acid sensitive surfaces. See our Downloads page for any data sheets


  • Make sure you have all PPE (Gloves, Mask & Eye Protection)
  • Test on small area first to determine the time required to leave the Sealant Remover
  • With a Natural Bristle Brush (Not a plastic brush) apply generous coat of Sealant Remover over the area to be treated
  • After about 5-15 minutes agitate treated area with brush
  • Use Maintenance Cleaner to remove the chemical easily
  • Apply intensive cleaner which will create a milky liquid
  • Wet vac or mop up

Health and Safety

Keep away from children.
Do not swallow.
Avoid contact with skin or eyes – use rubber gloves, goggles etc.
If swallowed, give milk or cream and seek medical attention – do not induce vomiting.