Reclaimed Granite Cobbles

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Now in Stock. Reclaimed granite cobbles/setts. Cobbles provide a timeless feature of the highest quality in drives, paths and other outdoor areas.

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If you want to create a traditional authentic look when it comes to stone paving for outdoor space, there is one option that stands above all others for a truly old-school British look- Reclaimed Granite Cobbles or Street Setts. This type of paving has been used for hundreds of years in both the UK and Europe. You only need to visit some of our high streets to find these historic landscaping materials beneath your feet. The Romans first began using this cobble method in 250BC – as their preferred method for creating roads that enabled them to conquer most of Europe. They were widely used due to their strong and easy to quarry nature. Today, there are quicker and easier ways to create a road or path, but none can give the same authentic sense of heritage and historical aesthetic. Create a truly stunning piece of history in your home or commercial project using these reclaimed granite cobbles now in stock. Call for costs and quantities.